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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2010|07:11 pm]
Alexa Cabe
Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Nix

Email: lifeinpolaroid@gmail.com

AIM (if you have one): BlackInkedWords

Character Name: Alexa Cabe (eventually Alexa Stark)

Character LJ (if applicable): iron_red 

Physical description (face, build, weight): 5'10", 130 pounds, red hair, brown eyes

Age: 21

Birthday: November 12, 1988

Codename (if using one): currently none

PB: (If using one.) Karen Gillan

Abilities: None.  Alexa is a baseline human being with genius-level intellect and a natural affinity/skill for technology.

Weaknesses and flaws:  Standard human weaknesses.  Additionally, Alexa recently suffered from a rare blood infection that was misdiagnosed as cancer. She is presently recovered from the illness, but it has compromised her immune system for the short term.

Character location/Home: London (home of origin)/New York (present location)

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero

Team: initially none, will eventually be an Avenger

Relatives (living/dead?): Bethany Cabe (mother), Tony Stark (father), Dean Clarkson (half-brother)

Backstory: Bethany Cabe and Tony Stark had an on-again/off-again relationship for sometime, finally looking like it was going to end in the on position with a great deal of love between the two of them but something got in the way.  That something was the revelation that Bethany's presumed-dead husband Alex was,in fact, alive.  Tony and Bethany broke up again, but Bethany decided that she was going to end her marriage and settle down with Tony.  Unfortunately, before she could do so she discovered that Alex had died of a drug overdose.  She also discovered that she was pregnant.  Tony had a drinking problem.  Alex had been a junkie.  Bethany made the painful decision to raise her child alone.

Alexa grew up not knowing who her father was, but had a lot of his features.  She was smart, gifted, loved technology and building things....and could be quite a flirt.  When Alexa was 19, however, she fell ill and was initially diagnosed as having a rare cancer that would require a bone marrow transplant.  At this time, Bethany told Alexa the truth: her father was Tony Stark.  Ultimately Alexa's illness turned out to be an non-cancerous infection and she recovered without needing a transplant but the seed had been sown: Alexa wanted to at least meet the person who had contributed half her DNA.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: She's going to show up and meet Tony.  Helloooo surprise.

What are you planning to do with this character? Stress Tony out a bit, join the Avengers eventually

What do you want to see happen with this character?: I want to see Alexa find a way to create her own person out of the way she was raised and the Stark heritage she's just found.  It might be interesting to do a chemical dependence story with her, too.
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